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Photo Gallery - See Our Google+ Pages for Cattery Pictures

Some of our guests

Our Cats

TigerThis is Tiger! We got him as a kitten  from Hereford Cat Protection in 2013

Tiger This is Mittens!  Mittens is one of Tiger's brothers.


Tiger and Mittens sleeping together in one of the cosy heated beds

Tzar and Tiger
Tiger having a well earned rest with Tzar our Papillion.

Tzar is not allowed in the cattery but he likes to join Tiger and Mittens when they go rat catching!

For photographs of the cattery go to our Google + page

These are some photos of our own cats who are no longer with us

Compost and Toby

Compost and Toby. Our first cats. We got them in 1986.

Bandy Bandy. We got him from the RSPCA near Farnbrough in 1988.

Possum. Possum was particularly fond of Lucy.

Biff. We got Biff from CPL in 1995. She was never the brightest of animals, but she lived with us for 18 years.

Pespi. We got Pepsi at the same time as Biff. Pepsi was with us for 19 years, a very clever cat that could strike terror into our dog.