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Frequently Asked Questions

How many cats can share a pen?
Our standard chalets allow two cats to share a pen. Our large chalets can accomodate four cats sharing. All cats sharing a pen must be from the same household.
I have two cats. Will it be OK for them to share?
Usually two cats from the same household can be boarded together with no problem. It is possible that cats that can keep themselves apart in a home will not settle in a pen together. Although unlikely to fight, they may spend the whole of the stay in a state of standoff, sitting staring at each other. If your cats have not stayed in a cattery before, we will have to keep a check to ensure they are not distressed. If necessary they can be put into separate pens.
What should I bring with me when checking in?
  • Vaccination Certificates (Feline Infectious Enteritis and Cat Flu).
  • Something with the smell of home. Perhaps your cat's normal bedding
  • Toys and, if you have one, a scratching post.
  • Grooming kit, if your pet needs regular brushing.
If my pet becomes unwell what will you do?
The well being of our guests is paramount. We are required by law not to allow an animal to suffer by act or ommision. We take this obligation very seriously. On the first sign of illness we will try and contact your specified vet for advice. If possible we will deliver your cat to your vet for treatment or take it to our own vet.  Where possible we will get clearance from you before any costly treatment. At all times we will act according to the vet's advice.
Who pays vet's bills?
All vet costs will be recharged to you at cost plus £20 each time we have to take your pet to the vet's surgery. We can only take cats from the same household to a vet at any one time. After each vet visit we have to disinfect our car.
What about fleas and worms?
It is really helpful to worm and de-flea your cat before checking in. Even the cleanest cat can harbour fleas and worms, often you may not even notice. We suggest using a flea treatment 5 days before starting a stay. Your vet will recommend a suitable flea treatment and wormer. If we find your pet has fleas or worms we will have to treat, at your cost, after taking vet's advice.
What regulations do you have to comply with?
We are licenced by Herefordshire Council. This document has the licence terms we must comply with.
How often do you feed your guests? We feed typically twice per day. More often for kittens or cats with special requirements.
My cat needs regular grooming. Will you do this for me?
We are happy to groom your cat.  Please bring your own brushes and combs.
My cat needs to have medicines. Will you give them?
We are happy to administer prescribed pills and give injections.
What do your charges include? Cat food
Cat litter
Provision of equipment and bedding
Space heating and heated bed pad
Daily pen clean and litter change
Daily clean and disinfect of bowls and litter trays
Cuddles and play with cats
Grooming as required
Administering medication as required
Late night check
Pen set up before stay
Deep pen and equipment clean after stay
Overheads such as insurance and licences
Can you collect and return my cat to save me travelling? We can come to your home to collect and return your cat. We do make a charge for this.